Christopher Rownes


Originally from England Christopher Rownes now lives in Switzerland where he works as a Professional fly fisher. He began Flyfishing at the age of eight on the small streams of England and Wales, on these brooks he caught his first wild brown trout and fell in love with their wildness and beauty.

He was privileged to study Fly-casting under the guidance of the legendary Mel Krieger. It was Mel who introduced him to fly casting instruction. His philosophy on teaching and fly-casting instruction is without parallel. Mel is his flycasting mentor, he inspired, formed, tutored and fine-tuned his fly-casting and fly-casting instruction technique.

Later Mel and Christopher gave countless workshops together all over Europe. Christopher is fluent in English, German and Spanish and has over 35 years of experience in fly casting and is a Specialist in the Underhand and Spey casting techniques with a single-handed rod.

He has have travelled, fished and instructed flycasting extensively all around the globe and has been lucky to work and develop his fly casting and fly fishing techniques alongside many Internationally renowned flyfishing and flycasting experts.

From beginner level to the highest standard of all forms of fly casting Christopher has demonstrated and taught world-wide to instructor level. Christopher has spent years studying the art, science and techniques of fly casting and has acquired a reputation not only as an outstanding fly caster, but also as one with that rare ability to teach others in a relaxed and humorous way.

In 2008 he became a Certified Master fly casting Instructor of the FFI America.

 If you are interested in learning how to fly cast or perfect your fly-casting technique I invite you to one of my fly-casting workshops.

The best way to learn or improve your fly-casting is to get lessons from qualified fly casting instructor. It is my goal as a Certified Master Fly casting Instructor of the Federation of Fly Fishers America to pass on Fly-casting and fly fishing skills. I instruct in an efficient and an easy to understand manner making it easy for the novice to pick up fly-casting quickly. I have a broad knowledge of different fly-casting styles and am not dogmatic in my instruction; every fly caster has his or her individual unique style. In my courses I will not only help you refine you're casting technique but will show you how to identify and correct your own faults. I strive to give top quality instruction using state of the art equipment. I use digital cameras and video equipment to help the students refine their fly casting technique quickly and efficiently. Every effort will be made to develop the student's individual casting style.


To cast the perfect loop, the beauty of a river, dances with trout these are my passions and life long pursuit!